Monday, June 3, 2013

Ways To Raise Frugal Kiddos

I recall what one of my friends often say, "What kids want, kids get!". Many parents try to endure this reality in a rather painful way. They succumb to the apparent truth that today's children are very different from how the children of the previous years were. But hey! There are many things which can be done to get this straightened out. Only a few parents though are willing to give them a try because they involve discipline among the parents as well. Yes. In their desire to avoid arguments, parents just give in to their children's wants and forego the opportunity of teaching them frugality.

Limit your children's access to TV and internet - All the attractive products - particularly toys which kids today can think of are marketed through these mediums. Seeing advertisements involving kids of their age who hold the latest gadgets in their hands cause every kid to be envious, whine and prod their parents to buy what they want.

Remove electronic gadgets as much as possible - Although electronics do not carry advertisements, they make kids want the latest models as they see the newer versions other kids may have. Also, electronics  limit kids from doing more worthwhile activities like playing outdoors and with other children of their age.

Teach values and stay connected with families who adhere to similar values - Tell your children stories on saving and highlight the wonderful benefits you can get from doing so.  Most of the time, kids have to be reminded every now and then that they do not need to have the latest gadgets in order to feel happy. Surely, you have friends who teach similar concepts. Connect your kids with their kids so that your little ones would not feel alone regarding this matter.