Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Save More Money In Your Piggy Banks

Years ago, piggy banks are popular ways to store loose coins. Now, you can still use this to save money, not just loose coins and deposit the entire amount when it is already full.

Here are some simple strategies on how to add savings to your piggy bank.

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Drop all loose coins as soon as you reach home. When I go grocery shop, I take a lot of coins with me since cashiers use these change down to the last cent, which makes my wallet burst with coins. So keep a minimum coins in your wallet and save the rest on your piggy bank.

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Sell your unwanted items. Hold a garage sale, sell your stuff in craigslist or Ebay. You may find it challenging at first, especially if you haven't done this before, but this is another way to make money. This will also help you get rid of clutter at home.

Reward yourself by saving a specific amount. No need to achieve big victories, just simple ones will do. For example, save $5 after doing a spring cleaning in your room, or save $10 when you lose four pounds in a month. You can make your own 'victory list' with corresponding amounts so you can fill your piggy banks in no time. Isn't that a fun way to save more money in your piggy banks?