Saturday, July 11, 2015

Four Steps to Reducing Your Debt

What are the things that you want to achieve with your money? Identify at least two objectives with regard to this and you will be able to find ways to reduce your debts and improve your financial conditions. If you need strategic ways to be debt-free this year, read the following insights.

Highlight the reason behind your debt - Why are you borrowing money?  If you're borrowing money to pa'y bills or purchase your basic needs, you will have a hard time getting out of the cycle borrowing money and paying it back.  Borrowed money can fill in the gap temporarily but it can worsen your debt.

List down all your debts - Take note of all the money you owe other people or lending companies. Total all your debts. Create a spreadsheet so you can clearly see the monthly payments required, the loan interest rates, and the time remaining for payback. In another spreadsheet, create a debt reduction plan that will suit your financial capabilities.

Push yourself to your limits just to pay your debts - Nobody else will pay them and clear your name but yourself. Do something drastic that can earn extra dollars for you in order to payback your debts in time. Make sure not to take another loan just to cover your previous loans. Engage in extreme sacrifices like selling some of your priced possessions - car, computer, mobile gadgets, appliances or pieces of jewelry - so that you can come up with extra money.

Quit depending on debt - Change your attitude towards borrowing money. Never think of borrowing money whenever a certain need arises. Learn how to attend to or supply for that need within your means. Evaluate which methods will work best with your limited budget.