Saturday, July 25, 2015

Five Things You Need to Do Before Borrowing Money

You can't just borrow money blindly. Ignorance and lack of planning can be very expensive when it comes to your finances. If you're considering to get a loan, read these insights first.

Define your reason for borrowing money - Are you borrowing money just to satisfy an immediate desire or to support a budget shortfall? Borrowing money to solve any of the two won't be beneficial for you. You will end up with unnecessary interests and into a cycle of debt respectively.

Define your capability to payback -  Can you  make periodic payments later? Even though you're going to use your loan for business purposes or to make more money, you must make sure that you will be able to pay or else you will have an outstanding debt.

Be aware of all the costs of borrowing money - How is your loan going to be calculated? What about the interest rate? If you don't know the answers to these questions, you will be surprised that you could be paying more than you expected.

Study the loan terms in your contract - Don't sign your contract until all of its contents are clear to you. Your finances will be jeopardized if you do so. If you don't understand the words used in the contract, consult a lawyer or a professional who can help you out. Don't be embarrassed to make changes if you think the contract doesn't include the things you have agreed about. Keep a copy of the loan contract for your protection.

Check other options besides borrowing money - Borrowing money will definitely mean a debt which you must payback.  For example, consider getting a second or third job to extra and save money for the small business that you're looking forward to build. It might take you a couple of years or more to save but you will spared from a debt with interest.