Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to Teach Your Kids to Handle Money Effectively

Do you have kids who spend  money like crazy? It is not yet too late to teach them how to manage their money effectively regardless of their age. As a parent, you just have to be determined to teach them financial skills from which they can benefit for the rest of their adult lives. So, how do you start with this? Here are some ideas.

Introduce piggy banks - Instead of buying the toy they want from your spare money, encourage them child to save up in a piggy bank. Use the toy as their goal for saving up. This will teach them a lot of skills and virtues as well like delayed gratification, patience, self-control, frugality, planning and budgeting.

Teach your kids the value of earning their own money - When they get older, kids cannot spend their whole lives depending on you for their needs and financial problems. Is there a chore that they are capable of doing after school hours or during weekends? Encourage them to accomplish those chores regularly in exchange for a few dollars. You can also recommend them to your friends, co-workers or churchmates who might need babysitters or helpers for the day. They can gain confidence about earning money on their own through this.

Open a savings account for your kids - Open an account for each of your kids with the least amount needed. Teach them that their bank accounts are for saving money for future expenses. With the money that they're able to save, they can buy their first car or pay for their college tuition. Instruct them to deposit a part of their earnings in their bank accounts, but it will be better if you model it in front of them too.

Talk about money with them - Well, you don't have to let your kids know everything about your money or personal earnings and savings. Just give them an overview about your family's monthly expenses and budget. This will open their eyes to the reality that they can't buy just anything that they want and to prioritize the things they need to spend on.