Saturday, September 21, 2013

Smart Food Shopping Tips To Save Money

Wasted food definitely means wasted money. Getting smart on your buying choices can get you save a lot of money and save food which can be a blessing to other famished souls. To get started on this, you must unlearn one thing that greatly influences everybody's food conception. You must unlearn shopping for without a planned menu or at least a list of foods to buy. Moving forward, here are additional practices you can observe.

- No shopping when you're hungry.

- Always check on the best before or expiry date.

- Refrain from overbuying. Once you buy more than you need, they will just end up rotting in the refrigerator.

- Replace meat with fruits and vegetables in your to-buy list (whenever possible).

- Buy local. Imported food items usually cost more.

- Choose vegetables that will be ripe just in time you need them too.

- Stick with your list. Do not buy anything that is not in it.

- Avoid buying foods in individual serving. Always buy in bulk.

- Take a second look at store brands. If there is no big difference in the taste and quality, store brands  would do.