Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ignored Yet Effective Ways To Lower Electricity Bills

Cutting on energy costs is not impossible even though now is the age when appliances reign supreme as they make busy lives of busy people very convenient. You do not need to decrease the number of your appliances at home just to save energy. (That will help a lot though) You simply have to be disciplined regarding their use. If you want to substantially lower your electricity bill, consider the following insights.

1) Unplug - When any appliance is not in use, unplug it. You would not believe this but this is true: Plugged appliances consumes about 20 percent of energy even though they are not in use.

 2) Throw away incandescent bulbs - Yes, these yellow lights may give a romantic and warm feel inside the house but they can cause your electricity bill to shoot up. Replace them with energy efficient white ones. 

3) Avoid washing machine overload and dryer use - Overloaded washing machines work harder and they need more energy for this. Just load them according to their suggested capacity. If it is not rainy out there, do away with the use of dryer. Hang your wet clothes under the sun. 4) Clean and organize your fridge - If you stand for a long time in front of your open fridge looking for something, it is time to clean up and put your fridge shelves in order. This will save both time and energy for you.