Friday, February 13, 2015

Six Easy Steps to Save Energy at Home

Do you want to trim down your electricity bills at home? There are several alternate ways to save energy at home. In this post, I listed a few of the alternative ways in the past months. Read on if you want to try them.

1) Cleaning or replacing the filters of air-conditioner units at least once a month. This minimizes electricity consumption because the unit can produce a free flow of cold air to the room inhibiting any extra force input from the appliance hence requiring lesser energy. Less energy input means lesser electricity consumption.

2) Lowering the thermostat on your water heater to 120 is also helpful. More so, the heaters must be shut off whenever you will be away for quite some time. It does not only conserve energy, it keeps your house safe from short circuits while you are away.

3) Turning off the lights when nobody is using. Use only lights when necessary. Refrigerators may be set at a temperature of 36 to 38 degrees and the freezer at 0 to 5. These are simple or should I say minimal but when summed up may equal to a relative amount of savings on your part.

4) Minimize opening oven door when in use. Every time it is opened the temperature drops to 25 to 30 and will increase consumption every time it closes to get back the correct temperature required hence, consuming more electricity.

5) Unplug all unused appliances. The most commonly neglected appliances are televisions, computers, sound systems and gadget chargers. They're usually forgotten because they're just small items. People think they will not contribute much to your bills.

6) Consider using a power saving device. This unit reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility and stores it to the unit and then supplies it back to the appliances decreasing demand from the utility. This means that when the utility has lesser demands it also require less usage and lower electricity bills.