Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Repurpose Grey Water Inside The House

Water is one limited resource and I believe that we have to conserve it. Here are some of the ways that I repurpose grey water that I use inside the house.

Use a basin to wash dishes in the kitchen.

A lot of families are used to get their dishwasher into action to help them save time cleaning the dishes, but I find manual dish washing easier and more practical when it comes to saving water. I use a basin to contain these dishes and that enables me to share the use of water especially when I am rinsing these dishes, of course with the exception of washing the pitcher and drinking glasses.

Make use of old clean trash containers or buckets to hold water from shower.

I take a shower everyday, and whenever I do, I use old plastic trash bins to collect the water I use to wash my hair and use this to flush the toilet. You can do it too, and that will definitely save a number of flushes that of course equates to a higher water bill in the long run.

Clean garage floor with water from washing machine.

That maybe the ultimate way to repurpose water but I do it not only to save money on water bills but also to maximize the use of detergent here at home. Since the water has the detergent in when I wash my clothes, I use this to scrub my garage floor. Same goes when I am using fabric conditioner, that certainly leaves the floor smelling clean and fresh.