Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Shed Pounds The Frugal Way

Are you looking for ways to lose weight but want to do it the frugal way? Check out some of my tips below:

Eat real food.

Canned goods aint no good, well, most of them. So go out and buy fresh produce and cook your own food, that way, you can monitor what goes in and this makes you feel healthier while losing pounds little by little.

Make a food budget.

Using a pen and paper, write down your menu for the week, list all healthier options to eat. Then allot a budget to cover your grocery trips once a week. If you follow the menu to a T, then that's a good sign that you are on the right way to shed pounds while enjoying a balanced utrition from your own planned menu.

Clean your own stuff.

Tidy your room, mop the floor, clean your car, organize your garage. Now you get the idea. If you are used to call a group of cleaners to do it for you, then you may have to go a different route this time. This will help you to have a cleaner home and be a healthier homeowner at the same time.

Look for cheaper ways to exercise.

Do you have a Wii or Xbox at home? Make use of it and purchase exercise and dance video VCDs instead of paying for expensive gym memberships. As for me, I just bought a Kinect and that's what I use to exercise right now, avoiding spending on gas and gym memberships. You can also call your local community office and find out if they have activities lined up for those who want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle like group zumba parties, aerobics classes and local fun runs.

These are just some of my tips on how to live healthier and feel lighter without spending too much of your hard earned dollar. What about you?